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Benefits of Shingle Roofing

Benefits of Shingle Roofing

Do you need a new roof? Maybe you’re building a new home and need a roof in the first place. Either way, when you’re looking at roofing construction, you’re going to quickly find that you have a lot of options. People will show you the newest materials and trends and enough ideas to make you dizzy.

In the midst of all of those options remains a choice that has stood the test of time. Shingle roofing is still immensely popular, and there are good reasons for that. It might not be the best choice in absolutely all circumstances, but the majority of homes have shingle roofing because of the benefits offered.

So while you’re exploring every option and trying to find the best roofing material, don’t forget about the one you see every day. Let’s take a minute to go over the benefits of shingles to keep them in mind as you pick out your new roof. If you’d like more information on roofing materials, give Total Roofing and Service a call today.

It’s Affordable

Arguably, the top reason you see shingles everywhere is the price point. Shingle roofing costs significantly less money than pretty much any other type of pitched roof. It’s made from asphalt, which is just not an expensive material.

Also, shingles are very popular, so there tend to be a lot of manufacturers. That increases competition and pushes the price of shingles down. Depending on the other materials you are considering, shingles can cost thousands to tens of thousands of dollars less when replacing an entire roof.

Working With Shingles Is Easy

Shingles are the easiest roofing material to work with. That opens up a fair amount of DIY options for maintenance and repair, which is always nice.

What might be more important is that working with shingles doesn’t require much in the way of specialized certifications and equipment. That means that your roofing contractor can install shingles at a much lower price point because the labor costs less.

You get to save money on the cost of the material. Then, you get to save money all over again on the price of labor for the installation. Combining these savings, you’re not going to find a more affordable roofing option.

They Require Little Maintenance

Modern roofing materials are designed to minimize maintenance. It’s hard to get up on the roof and take care of things, and shingles are designed with that in mind.

For the most part, you just need to keep the roof clear of objects. Anything that falls on the roof can blow around in the wind and possibly catch a shingle and pull it up. So remove debris when it gets on the roof.

Add to that an annual inspection, and you’ll stay ahead of problems as they begin to arise. The thing about shingles is that they are easy to fix or replace, so if you spot any problems early, you get to take the easy fix and extend the life of your roof.

Shingles Are Stylish

Shingles are easily the most popular roofing option in the United States. Affordability and easy maintenance are great, but when you have such a prominent style, you end up with certain expectations. Shingles are what a roof is supposed to look like. We’re all accustomed to it.

Despite that conformity, shingles come in different colors and styles. So you can have a roof that meets your aesthetic expectations with plenty of room for creativity and expression. You can have a roof that catches attention but in a good way.

They Are Widely Available

We mentioned this a little bit already. There are many shingle manufacturers. That makes it much easier to source the shingles. In addition to driving down the costs of shingles, the availability also helps in other ways.

You rarely have to delay a roofing project to wait for shingles. They’re available most of the time, so you can just get started. Their availability also leads to having more contractors who are ready to work with shingles. You get competition in that regard too, giving you more options for better roofing work all around.

The truth is that roofing is a competitive business right now. You have options, and that’s why we want to earn your trust. Total Roofing & Service Inc. has been working on roofs in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire for more than 30 years. We’re committed, seasoned veterans in this industry, and we’re confident we can provide the best experience for roofing work.

Whatever your shingles needs, we’re ready to provide for them. Contact us today for a free quote. We’ll show you why Total Roofing and Service is the best choice.