Benefits of Tile Roofing

Benefits of Tile Roofing

Tile roofs have emerged as one of the most popular roofing options. Tile roofs are affordable, yet that isn’t the only reason why they are considered one of the industry’s best roof types. Even homeowners who aren’t focused on cost-effectiveness choose tile for other reasons, each of which has merit.

Tile Roofs Are Pleasing to the Eye

Let’s cut to the chase. Homeowners want tile roofing that looks good and increases the property’s value. Aesthetics matter. Tile roofs look visually pleasing, retain their beauty as time progresses, and add to the value of the property. Tile has a natural aesthetic with legitimate mass appeal. Regardless of your age or other demographic information, you’ll likely be quite happy with the look of your new tile roof. Tiles made of both concrete and clay are made in a plethora of shades, tints, and hues. Choose the color that matches your home’s exterior the best, and you’ll be more than happy with your new tile roof.

Tile Is Durable

Beauty matters, yet the overarching purpose of the roof is to protect everything and everyone below. Tile roofs hold up amid harsh weather better than other roofing materials. Compare the performance of tile roofs to that of other roofs when subjected to inclement weather, and you’ll find tile emerges as one of the best roofing materials in terms of durability. However, even if your roof is subjected to the occasional storm, it is still important that it holds strong and safeguards everything you value. Choose tile, and you’ll sleep soundly, enjoying a truly invaluable peace of mind knowing your tile roof will hold strong above.

Tile Roofs Are Economical

If you are like most people, you are hesitant to spend for a new roof simply because such a project has the potential to cost tens of thousands of dollars. Roof replacements are not cheap, yet they are worth every penny when done right. Tile is one of the more affordable roofing options. In general, the warranty for tile roofs is greater than that of asphalt shingle roofs. In some cases, tile roofs last three times as long as asphalt roofs.

Save Money on Utility Bills

Tile roofs provide insulation that keeps the house warm throughout the winter. Tile roofing also provides insulation that keeps houses and other buildings containing air-conditioned air cool and prevents hot air from moving inside. Add up the resulting utility savings, and you’ll find your tile roof really does make a meaningful impact on your budget for utility costs.

Protect Against Fires

Tile roofs are also appealing for their fire resistance. Tile roofs have elite fire ratings, meaning they will help prevent the spread of flames and potentially prevent your home from burning. Variations of tile revered for their noncombustibility include slate, clay, and concrete.

Tile Roofing Is Good for the Environment

Unlike some other materials used for roofs and home improvements, tile is all natural. Tile is made from materials sourced directly from the ground. Opt for this green roofing, and you’ll rest easy knowing the protective barrier over your head doesn’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals. It is also worth noting that tiles stem from sustainable resources, meaning they can be repurposed for the creation of roads. Old tile roofs provide such utility after a crushing and recycling process.

Minimal Maintenance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to invest your time and energy into thinking and worrying about the maintenance of the roof over your head? Tile roofing is held in high regard compared to other roofing materials partially because it requires comparably less maintenance. Opt for clay tile roofs, and you’ll find maintenance is as minimalist as it gets. In fact, clay roof maintenance requires only the occasional minor effort as clay is a strong, durable, and sturdy material. However, in the event that a clay tile is damaged during a storm or as a result of another event, those individual tiles can be repaired for visual uniformity and function.

Visual Dexterity

It isn’t often that you find a roofing material with extensive flexibility in terms of aesthetics. Tile is one of the most versatile roof types, allowing for molding to replicate wood shakes, shingle slate, chipped stone, S-shaped profiles, and traditional barrel profiles. Regardless of your home’s architectural style, you’ll find a tile shingle style and color that suits your unique property.

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