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Flat Roofing Installation And Repair in Vermont

Your home or office is one of your most significant investments, and you want to make sure it’s protected with a sturdy roof.

A flat roof is an excellent option in areas that experience heavy rains or snowfall. A well-installed and well-maintained flat roof can last for up to 30 years.

We offer the best installation and repair services in Vermont. We have a team of experienced professionals who will work diligently to ensure your roof is installed or repaired correctly and efficiently.

Commercial And Residential Flat Roofing Services

Commercial buildings favor flat structures when the size of the building reaches a certain point. If the design is large enough, a pitched roof becomes too heavy to be practical, so flat roofing is the way to go.

In residential builds, flat roofs still show up occasionally. Entire roofs over the residential section can be flat. For example, they are common on patios, sheds, add-on garages, and other structures. This is because flat roofing costs less in design and construction, making it a great way to expand a house without spending too much.

Whether you need a new installation or repairs for your commercial or residential flat roof, our team is here to help. We have years of experience in the industry and offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. We pride ourselves on our quality artistry, competitive pricing, and customer satisfaction.

When installing a new roof, we take care of everything from start to finish. We will work with you to choose the suitable material for your roof and budget. We will then handle all of the logistics involved in getting the materials to your property and removing the old roof.

Once the new roof is installed, we will clean up any debris and dispose of it properly. If your roof is already installed but has issues, we can help with that.

Our Flat Roofing Services

1. Flat Roofing Installation

We offer a complete line of commercial roofing services for new construction, re-roofs, and roofing repairs. Our roofing technicians are experienced in installing flat roof materials, including TPO, PVC, EPDM, BUR, and built-up roofs.

  • Built-Up Roof: This is one of the most popular commercial flat roof system types. It’s made up of multiple layers of asphalt and gravel applied over a base layer. This type of roofing is durable and can last up to 20 years with proper maintenance.
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Roofing: This type of flat roof membrane is made from synthetic rubber and is often used on residential roofs. It’s a cost-effective option that is easy to install and repair.
  • PVC Roofing: PVC roofing is made from polymerized vinyl chloride and is often used on commercial roofs. It’s a durable option that is resistant to fire, chemicals, and UV rays.
  • TPO Roofing: TPO roofing is made from thermoplastic polyolefin and is often used on commercial roofs. It’s a durable option that is resistant to UV rays and leaks.
  • Metal Roofing: Metal roofing is made from steel, aluminum, or copper and can last years with proper maintenance.

We have experience working with all types of flat roof membranes, so you can rest assured that your roof will be in good hands. We understand that each roofing type has its installation and repair needs, so we will make sure to handle your roof with care.

2. Flat Roofing Replacement

If your flat roof is nearing the end of its life cycle or damaged by severe weather, our team can provide a complete roof replacement. We will work with you to choose the best roofing system for your needs and budget and install it quickly and efficiently.

This can be done for a specific section, or we can replace the whole thing. Our experience allows us to match the roofing you already have to maintain consistency. We can also upgrade your roof if you want to avoid problems or make improvements.

Flat roofing replacement can be an involved process. Many types of flat roofs require specialized knowledge and skills to remove. Fortunately, Total Roofing & Services has expertise to spare. We can remove damaged roofing and replace it with something better.

3. Flat Roofing Restoration & Repair

Over time, most flat roofs can suffer from ponding water, leaky roof issues, and other damage. Our roofing restoration and repair services can extend the life of your roof and prevent further damage. We offer a variety of solutions, including roof coatings, membrane repairs, and drain cleaning.

When a full replacement isn’t necessary, we offer repair and restoration services. Repairs are great for limited damage. A small leak, crack, dent, or otherwise can be addressed as the specific problem it is. We’ll replace any segments that need it, shore up the damage, reseal what needs sealing, and leave you with a roof that looks great and no longer has problems.

When the damage is a little more extensive, a roof restoration can get you the roofing quality you need at a fraction of the cost of total replacement. The restoration process aims to minimize costs and waste. It’s an economical approach to major roofing repair, and it is available on most flat roofs.

4. Flat Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are cost-effective to protect your flat roof deck from weather damage and extend its lifespan. We offer a variety of roof coatings, including acrylic, silicone, and urethane.

We also offer high-performance thermal reflective energy-efficient “Cool Roof” coatings for all types of flat commercial roofs. Our experienced technicians will help you choose the suitable coating for your needs and budget.

Our coatings can be applied to most types of commercial roofing substrates, including built-up roofs, ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), shingled roof, and more.

Contact us today for all your flat roofing needs. We offer free consultations and estimates.

Choose Total Roofing for your Flat Roofing Needs

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Flat Roof FAQs

1. How Much Does A Flat Roof Cost?

Our cost will depend on the size and complexity of your project. You can contact us for a free quote. We also offer discounts and you can contact us anytime for a consultation.

2. How Do You Install A Flat Roof?

Our installation process begins with a site visit to assess your needs. After that, we will develop a custom plan for your project and provide you with a cost estimate. Once you have approved the plan and assessment, our team will get to work installing your new flat roof. We always use high-quality materials (e.g, roofing cement) and workmanship to ensure that your roof will last for years to come.

3. How Long Does A Flat Roof Last?

A properly installed and maintained flat roof can last 20 years or more. However, it is essential to have your roof regularly inspected to ensure that it is in good condition and catch any problems early on.

4. What Are The Benefits Of A Flat Roof?

Flat roofs have several advantages over traditional pitched roofs. They are easier and cheaper to install, require less maintenance and are better suited for certain types of buildings.

5. What Is The Repair Cost Of Roofing Contractors?

The cost of flat roofing repair varies depending on the severity of the damage. However, we always offer competitive rates and will work with you to find a payment plan that fits your budget. Contact us today for a free estimate.

If you require a reliable flat roofing installation and repair service, look no further than us. We have years of experience installing and repairing flat roofs, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service. Contact us now for a free consultation.