Flat Roofing Installation & Repair in Southern Vermont

Commercial & Residential Flat Roofing Services in Vermont

flat roofing installation

Commercial buildings favor flat structures when the size of the building reaches a certain point. If the design is large enough, a pitched roof becomes too heavy to be practical, so flat roofing is the way to go.

In residential builds, flat roofs still show up occassionally. Entire roofs over the residential section can be flat. Flat roofs are even more common on patios, sheds, add-on garages, and other structures. Flat roofing costs less in design and construction, making it a great way to expand a house without spending too much.

Whether for residential or commercial purposes, flat roofing comes in a number of designs, materials, and styles, and we work on every single one of them. We offer the full range of services too. We can install, repair, restore, and replace any flat roof. We offer free quotes, and more than anything else, we are fully devoted to providing you with the best possible experience. If you have a flat roof, Total Roofing & Service wants to be the resource you trust for all of the work in Southern Vermont. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Flat Roofing Installation

Flat roofing comes in many shapes, sizes, and materials. If you want a roofing provider that can accommodate all of those options, you need Total Roofing & Services. Because we are well-versed in every major form of flat roofing, we can bring options to the table. Before you commit to a roof, you can compare the pros and cons of each style. You can see why TPO roofing is fast growing in popularity. You can compare that to built-up roofing, which is a well-established staple.

Once you weigh your options, we can install the roof you want. We work on residential and commercial buildings on a regular basis. From built-up patio roofs to massive commercial construction, we have the resources to complete the project. You get expertise, experience, and commitment when you choose total Roofing & Services. Your flat roof will be strong, rugged, and able to handle Vermont weather.

Flat Roofing Replacement

In addition to installing flat roofs, we can also replace existing roofs. This can be done for a specific section, or we can replace the whole thing. Our experience allows us to match the roofing you already have to maintain consistency. We can also upgrade your roof if you want to avoid problems or make improvements.

Flat roofing replacement can be an involved process. Many types of flat roofs require specialized knowledge and skills to remove. Fortunately, Total Roofing & Services has expertise to spare. We can remove damaged roofing and replace it with something better.

Types of Flat Roofing We Work On

Flat roofing comes in many shapes and sizes, and because of that, there are a number of different materials that are best suited for any given design. Metal and asphalt roofs are commonly used on flat builds. We also work with specialized materials and styles that are intended to provide the best water protection and durability for a flat roof.

  • Built-up roofing is a staple on flat roofs. The multiple layers produce strength and reliability. Layering is one of the best ways to handle standing water on a roof, making this an essential style for flat roofs and flat sections.
  • EPDM roofing is a lightweight choice for flat roofing that lasts for many years. Like built-up roofing, EPDM consists of multiple layers which helps to make it more durable.
  • Modified bitumen roofing is another alternative to built-up roofing. It uses a similar layering style with different materials and techniques, making it better suited for particular roof designs.
  • TPO roofing stands for thermoplastic polyolefin roofing. It’s a newer system and very popular in commercial spaces. TPO is a single-ply membrane. That makes it faster and less costly to install, but it still provides amazing strength and water protection.
  • And more!

We regularly work with each of these types of roofs. We also branch into less-common roofing materials that serve specific functions. No matter what, we can take care of your flat roof.

Flat Roofing Restoration & Repair

When a full replacement isn’t necessary, we offer repair and restoration services. Repairs are great for limited damage. A small leak, crack, dent, or otherwise can be addressed as the specific problem it is. We’ll replace any segments that need it, shore up the damage, reseal what needs sealing, and leave you with a roof that looks great and no longer has problems.

When the damage is a little more extensive, a roof restoration can get you the roofing quality you need at a fraction of the cost of total replacement. The restoration process aims to minimize costs and waste. It’s an economical approach to major roofing repair, and it is available on most flat roofs.

Your roof needs reliable, professional services. In Southern Vermont, they are all available with Total Roofing & Service. Contact us today. We’ll get you a quote so you can weigh your options and pick what is best for you and your building. We can even help you with your insurance company to give you the best chance at getting a good claim that helps pay for the roof.