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Ice Dam Prevention & Removal in Southern Vermont

Solutions for Your Ice Dam Problems

Ice Dam Prevention & Removal in Southern Vermont

Ice dams are bad news. In a matter of days (sometimes hours), they can completely ruin a roof. Even if you respond quickly, ice dams can still lead to leaks and significant roof damage. You need remedies that get rid of the dams quickly. Better yet, you need to be able to prevent them altogether.

At Total Roofing & Service, we deal with all aspects of ice dams. We can safely remove them when they form. We can assess and repair any damage that they cause, and we provide services that prevent them from coming back.

Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal needs to fulfill two requirements to be worth your time and save your roof. It has to be fast, and it has to avoid damaging the roof. If water collects behind the dam and sits there, it’s going to create leaks and other problems, so you need a rapid response. That’s exactly what we provide.

The process also has to be safe for the roof. In order to provide that safety, we use industry-approved tools and techniques to remove snow from the roof first. This prevents additional snowmelt from building up behind the dam, and it allows us to safely take care of the dam.

If a water buildup is already in place, we will create drain channels to get that water off the roof as quickly as possible. From there, we will assess the extent of the dam and use special techniques to get rid of it. In some cases, we might chip the ice. We might also attack it with heat sources to gently melt and soften the ice. It depends on the state of the dam, but what you can trust is that we will work fervently to protect your roof while we remove the dam.

Ice Dam Prevention

It’s important to safely remove ice dams, but it’s just as important to prevent them from coming back. With our ice dam prevention services, we’ll attack the root of the problem and make it so that you won’t have to call us back after the next snowstorm.

Ice dams occur because heat is leaking out of one or more sections of the roof itself. To prevent future dams, we will assess and repair problems with insulation and roofing seals. When done, we’ll plug the leak that lets too much heat out through the roof, and you won’t get additional ice dams.

Contact Us for Ice Dam Remedies

Total Roofing & Service has been taking care of ice dams in Southern Vermont and New Hampshire for more than 30 years. It’s safe to say we’ve seen a lot in this business, and our experience is available to you whenever you need us. If you have an ice dam or any other concern with your roof, contact us today. We’ll take a look at your roof and work with you to create a plan of action.

Countries We Serve in Southern Vermont

Total Roofing & Service is available for work throughout Southern Vermont. We’re regularly active in Rutland, Bennington, Windham, Washington, and Windsor counties. Here is a list of the counties we serve.